World of Tanks

A little something about World of Tanks

I was in the PC Gamer offices recently, helping them out with some site maintenance and doing a few news posts. While I was there I had the chance to do something a little longer and deeper. This article takes a look at the upcoming British tanks in World of Tanks, and tells players what they can expect from them.

Read it here.

Interestingly I’m not really a big military history geek or anything. I didn’t know that much about tanks going into this, but after half an hour of research I managed to make it really sound like I did. I like to think this is one of my strengths as a writer, I don’t know everything, but give me a little time to brush up and I’ll pass for an expert to the casual observer.

Now Playing: World of Tanks

This is one of the first things I ever got published in a magazine, and PC Gamer have just put it online. It tells a story of my first time playing World of Tanks. I figured it’d be easier to get the hang of it if I joined up with a more experienced friend, but as I rapidly found out, World of Tanks doesn’t work that way.

I ended up in a high tier battle in a tank made by Fischer Price. Read it here.

Against all odds, World of Tanks is actually a lot of fun. The trick is the way that it takes a very complex ballistics model and hides it behind some very simple FPS style controls. I haven’t played it in a while, but I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with World of Planes.

World of Warplanes preview

An early preview of World of Warplanes I wrote for PC Gamer. Most of it is based on an interview I conducted with Victor Kislyi, CEO of and lead designer of World of Tanks. He’s a really interesting guy, and talking to him gave me a real insight into the Russian games market, and why free to play took off over there like it did.

Read it here.