21 Stellaris Empires for you to enjoy

Update – So the latest Stellaris patch & DLC changed a bunch of things, so I’ve added three new empires and updated some of the old ones. I’ve also noted which DLC an empire requires, if any.

So a while back I started making custom Stellaris Empires and sharing them on Twitter. People seemed to like them and it was a fun writing prompt so obviously I went completely overboard and made 18 (21 now!) different empires for the new expansion. The new update shrunk the bio window on the Empire screen, which is why they’re now on a website, with the bio underneath instead of just being twitter screenshots. I’ve also added some random comments on how I came up with them.

If you want to use these in your game just download the file here and pop it in Documents/Paradox Interactive/Stellaris (note this will overwrite your current custom empires if you have any). I tried to avoid using any mods so that anyone can download them, although I did use this one to get more flag colours.