The Not a Game podcast

I know an awful lot of interesting freelancers, and it always struck me as a shame that they never had a place to get together and just chat about games for a bit. The Not A Game podcast is my attempt to bring together a bunch of those people and give them a chance to talk informally, exchange views, have debates and hopefully not realise I’m nowhere near as cool as they are.

We all live in different cities and keep different schedules, so it’s been hell to organise, but from now on we aim to record one every week. We’ve started with a small core cast, but we aim to expand and feature guest appearances from freelancers and developers all over the world. In fact if you’d like to join us, please get in touch with me via twitter or email.

The regulars:

You can listen to the Not a Game podcast at Gaming Daily, where Craig is generously hosting them. Just click on the ‘Podcast‘ button at the top of this website to go to a list of episodes.