Skyrim Mods update

I have 62 different Skyrim Mods installed right now, and I’ve tried out a lot more than that. They’re getting better and better, which is why I’ve updated my Skyrim Mods post for PC Gamer to include a lot of new releases, most of which I use myself.

At some point I’ll have to get around to posting my own personal load order, which juggles a lot of visual mods and new features, but keeps the whole thing pretty lore friendly.

Some posts for PCGamesN

Recently I’ve been doing a little bit of work for PCGamesN, the new site by Tim Edwards and James Binns, two of the guys who gave me my start in games journalism. I’ve helped them out a bit behind the scenes, but so far I’ve only got a couple of things live on the site.

Everything we know about Aliens: Colonial Marines – In which I was surprised that the phrase “make sweet love to your oesophagus” managed not be be cut.

The best mods for Napoleon: Total War – In which I learnt that Total War mods are amazing, and also that I always forget whether the ‘Total War’ bit goes at the start or the end.