Football Manager

Football Manager 2013 best players post

Not a lot of games journalists are into Football Manager, despite its enormous popularity, many aren’t even into football, or sports of any kind. Luckily I’m not one of them, I’ve been playing FM since it was Championship Manager, which is why occasionally I get contacted to write article like this, taking a look through the FM13 review code for PC Gamer to find some quality bargains.

Why I play Football Manager

This is one of my favourite things I’ve ever written. It’s my attempt to explain the enduring appeal of Football Manager, and the way in which it creates little narratives as you play. I do this by sharing one of my favourite Football Manager memories, the story of Shane Paul, a young prospect who had one moment of glory before burning out.

Read about it here.

One day I hope one day someone will give me the chance to write a proper full length Football Manager diary, there’s so many good stories in that game.