Writing the news for PC Gamer

I recently spent a lot of time in the PC Gamer offices, covering the news for them while their regular newswriter was away.

I did dozens of articles for them, but here’s a small sample, collected by day. As you can see, I’m capable of generating 5-9 newsposts a day, all tracked down, researched and subsequently written myself.

2nd of July

Project Cars Screenshots

Planet Explorers – voxel based indie game

Prototype 2 developers not making any more games

Left4Dead 2 Cold Stream to be released July 24th

Watch Dogs ARG starting

Civilisation V: Gods and Kings gets a demo

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light coming to Chrome

3rd of July

Call of Duty Online heading to China

Rome 2 announcement trailer

Resident Evil trailer

EA going “100% digital” in future

4th of July

Final Fantasy VII re-release

Arma 3 gameplay videos

Edge iPad edition

Green Man Gaming CEO on EU court ruling

PC Gamer issue 242 released

Assassin’s Creed live action trailer

Call of Duty DLC on sale for charity

Assassin’s Creed 3 trailer

End of Nations beta starts July 20th

5th of July

Scrolls enters alpha

Minecraft Game of Thrones Gallery

Endless Space Launches

Watch a man play Starcraft 2 with a joystick

Slender Man Horror game