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The 50 best Skyrim mods

I love my Skyrim Mods posts for PC Gamer. They’re some of the most popular articles ever on the site, and the second highest link in a google search for ‘Skyrim Mods’. Yes I know that makes it sound like I’ve turned into a marketing droid and am now proud of SEO, but what it really means is that I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility when writing them. There are going to be thousands of people who’ve never tried mods before who are looking to me for advice, to steer them to the good stuff and avoid the giant tit mods.

So when PC Gamer asked me to rewrite the top 25 article, I was so enthusiastic that I told them I could easily make it fifty. The result was pretty backbreaking, especially as an overheating PSU was making it hard to run Skyrim at the time. I tried out a lot of less than impressive mods to reach these 50, but it was worth it, and I got to engage in a bit of amateur screenshot camerawork along the way, which PCG put into a gallery post to tease people about the update.

Read the 50 best Skyrim mods at PC Gamer.

Football Manager 2013 best players post

Not a lot of games journalists are into Football Manager, despite its enormous popularity, many aren’t even into football, or sports of any kind. Luckily I’m not one of them, I’ve been playing FM since it was Championship Manager, which is why occasionally I get contacted to write article like this, taking a look through the FM13 review code for PC Gamer to find some quality bargains.

Skyrim Mods update

I have 62 different Skyrim Mods installed right now, and I’ve tried out a lot more than that. They’re getting better and better, which is why I’ve updated my Skyrim Mods post for PC Gamer to include a lot of new releases, most of which I use myself.

At some point I’ll have to get around to posting my own personal load order, which juggles a lot of visual mods and new features, but keeps the whole thing pretty lore friendly.

XCOM guide

PC Gamer were impressed by my FTL guide, so they gave me some early code for XCOM and let me puzzle my way through it, resulting in this guide, there’s also a print version in the latest magazine (Christmas 2012).

XCOM, like FTL, is largely about risk management, and that kind of game always prompts me to try and dissect exactly what the best decisions are in each situation. Writing the FTL guide was as much me trying to get those ideas out and organised as it was about providing others with advice. I seem to be near addicted to doing it, so if you need a guide written, give me a call, I’m probably writing one in my head anyway.

Some posts for PCGamesN

Recently I’ve been doing a little bit of work for PCGamesN, the new site by Tim Edwards and James Binns, two of the guys who gave me my start in games journalism. I’ve helped them out a bit behind the scenes, but so far I’ve only got a couple of things live on the site.

Everything we know about Aliens: Colonial Marines – In which I was surprised that the phrase “make sweet love to your oesophagus” managed not be be cut.

The best mods for Napoleon: Total War – In which I learnt that Total War mods are amazing, and also that I always forget whether the ‘Total War’ bit goes at the start or the end.

Writing the news for PC Gamer

I recently spent a lot of time in the PC Gamer offices, covering the news for them while their regular newswriter was away.

I did dozens of articles for them, but here’s a small sample, collected by day. As you can see, I’m capable of generating 5-9 newsposts a day, all tracked down, researched and subsequently written myself.


A little something about World of Tanks

I was in the PC Gamer offices recently, helping them out with some site maintenance and doing a few news posts. While I was there I had the chance to do something a little longer and deeper. This article takes a look at the upcoming British tanks in World of Tanks, and tells players what they can expect from them.

Read it here.

Interestingly I’m not really a big military history geek or anything. I didn’t know that much about tanks going into this, but after half an hour of research I managed to make it really sound like I did. I like to think this is one of my strengths as a writer, I don’t know everything, but give me a little time to brush up and I’ll pass for an expert to the casual observer.

Now Playing: World of Tanks

This is one of the first things I ever got published in a magazine, and PC Gamer have just put it online. It tells a story of my first time playing World of Tanks. I figured it’d be easier to get the hang of it if I joined up with a more experienced friend, but as I rapidly found out, World of Tanks doesn’t work that way.

I ended up in a high tier battle in a tank made by Fischer Price. Read it here.

Against all odds, World of Tanks is actually a lot of fun. The trick is the way that it takes a very complex ballistics model and hides it behind some very simple FPS style controls. I haven’t played it in a while, but I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with World of Planes.

Skyrim Mods coverage

When Skyrim first came out, I figured mods for it would be a big deal, but I never realised exactly how much they’d take off when the Steam Workshop was released. I’ve spent a lot of time covering Skyrim Mods since then, and I’ve become something of an expert.

Here’s my list of the 25 best Skyrim Mods, it’s the culmination of several mods posts I’ve done for PC Gamer over several months, with new mods continually added and removed. Here’s my post for the PC Gamer Skyrim Mod collection, picking out some of the best of the Steam Workshop.