Game Chef entry – Za Vstrechu!

Za Vstrechu! (named after a traditional Russian toast) Is a game by myself and Matthew Ward. We created it for Game Chef, a nine day tabletop game jam. The theme of the jam was “There is no book” and we had to incorporate two of the following four ingredients “Glitter, Wild, Absorb and Sickle”.

We chose glitter and sickle and made a game about a masked ball on the eve of the Russian revolution. All the instructions are either on the invitation or on the masks themselves, hence the minimalist rules:

Intro (this bit would be on the box)

Za Vstrechu! is a game of bluffing and sleight of hand taking place at a masked ball during the last days of the Tsars, shortly before the Russian Revolution. Half the guests are staunch Royalists, the other half are Communist spies who each have a task to perform during the dinner.

In order to play Za vstrechu! you will need to host an actual dinner party with at least three courses. You can find all the rules on the invitations or the masks that you wear. Just fill out your invitations and send each guest one of the sealed envelopes inside.

Invitation Front

You are cordially invited to the home of Tsar _________ for a dinner party and a game of ‘Za Vstrechu!’

The party will start at ______ on _______. The address is __________.

Additional information _____________________________.

Invitation Back

The rules for the night are as follows:

  • You will find your identity inscribed on the back of your mask, inside the sealed envelope.
  • During the starter guests will be seated and are free to try and discern each other’s identities.
  • During the main course, Communist infiltrators will attempt to perform their tasks.
  • For every task the Communists complete, they earn a point.
  • Over desert the guests will attempt to convince the Tsar they are not Communists.
  • The Tsar must then announce which three guests will be executed.
  • For each Communist executed the Royalists gain a point.
  • In the event of a tie the Royalists win.

You may perform your task however you see fit, so long as you do not arouse suspicion. You are free to tell people your identity or lie about it, but you may NOT show anyone your mask.

The Roles (this bit would be on the back of the masks)


  • The Tsar – The host of the party. This is the only role revealed from the start of the game. Over desert you must decide which three guests to execute.
  • Royalist – You are a staunch Royalist supporter. Keep your eyes open for Communist spies and inform the Tsar of your suspicions.


  • The Assassin – Bring a small vial of food dye with you. If you manage to successfully die the food or drink of a Royalist you have ‘poisoned’ them, and score a point.
  • The Agent – Bring a document with you, at least an A4 piece of paper. If you manage to successfully pass this document to another Communist you score a point.
  • The Bomber – Bring a matchbox with you, this is your bomb. If you manage to plant it within two feet of the Tsar by the end of the game, you score a point.

Here’s a quick mock up of one of the masks:

Mask rear