The Not a Game podcast

I know an awful lot of interesting freelancers, and it always struck me as a shame that they never had a place to get together and just chat about games for a bit. The Not A Game podcast is my attempt to bring together a bunch of those people and give them a chance to talk informally, exchange views, have debates and hopefully not realise I’m nowhere near as cool as they are.

We all live in different cities and keep different schedules, so it’s been hell to organise, but from now on we aim to record one every week. We’ve started with a small core cast, but we aim to expand and feature guest appearances from freelancers and developers all over the world. In fact if you’d like to join us, please get in touch with me via twitter or email.

The regulars:

You can listen to the Not a Game podcast at Gaming Daily, where Craig is generously hosting them. Just click on the ‘Podcast‘ button at the top of this website to go to a list of episodes.

Shame Boner

Listen video games, this is kinda awkward, but I need to ask you to stop trying to play with my penis.

It’s really rude. There I am, enjoying a healthy dose of violence or an engaging storyline when suddenly you ambush me with rogue batch of wank fodder and poke incessantly at my genitals, demanding I rise to attention. It’s pretty embarrassing video games, I mean you haven’t even bought me dinner yet.


The 50 best Skyrim mods

I love my Skyrim Mods posts for PC Gamer. They’re some of the most popular articles ever on the site, and the second highest link in a google search for ‘Skyrim Mods’. Yes I know that makes it sound like I’ve turned into a marketing droid and am now proud of SEO, but what it really means is that I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility when writing them. There are going to be thousands of people who’ve never tried mods before who are looking to me for advice, to steer them to the good stuff and avoid the giant tit mods.

So when PC Gamer asked me to rewrite the top 25 article, I was so enthusiastic that I told them I could easily make it fifty. The result was pretty backbreaking, especially as an overheating PSU was making it hard to run Skyrim at the time. I tried out a lot of less than impressive mods to reach these 50, but it was worth it, and I got to engage in a bit of amateur screenshot camerawork along the way, which PCG put into a gallery post to tease people about the update.

Read the 50 best Skyrim mods at PC Gamer.

Card shark – A story about how Steam trading cards drove me insane

When Steam trading cards were announced I treated them as a joke, a bunch of weird nonsense I didn’t want anything to do with. Then I realised people were paying money for these things, and I figured I could try and make a few bucks, enough to get a copy of Rogue Legacy at least. I rapidly degenerated into a parody of shitty capitalism, ranting on twitter about the miniscule amounts of money I was making. Thankfully PCG web editor Tom Senior was paying attention to my breakdown, and figured it would make a good article, and thus Card Shark was born.

As a bonus, I also wrote an article on how to make money from Steam trading cards without going as crazy as I did.

Update – I actually earned even more money after I wrote this. By the end of the Steam Sale my eventual takings were Rogue Legacy, Kerbal Space Program, Universe Sandbox, The Binding of Isaac (with Wrath of the Lamb DLC) and £1.10 left over.

Ether One preview

I spotted Ether One during the same trip to Rezzed that lead to my project Zomboid article. It was one of the more impresisve games on show, a first person adventure game set inside the mind of a drug addict in 1920s Cornwall. I also got to play it a little using the Oculus Rift, which was an amazing experience.

Read my Ether One preview at PC Gamer.

Project Zomboid update

Earlier this month, I decided to take a trip to my native Birmingham for Rezzed, the PC and/or indie games show. I got to meet up with some people I’d only known over the internet, which was nice, but the main reason I was there was to spot some new indie games and get some interviews. One of those interviews was with Paul Ring, of Project Zomboid, who brought me up to date on how the seemingly cursed game was progressing, and what they had planned for the future.

Read my Project Zomboid update at PC Gamer.