Skyrim Mods update

I have 62 different Skyrim Mods installed right now, and I’ve tried out a lot more than that. They’re getting better and better, which is why I’ve updated my Skyrim Mods post for PC Gamer to include a lot of new releases, most of which I use myself.

At some point I’ll have to get around to posting my own personal load order, which juggles a lot of visual mods and new features, but keeps the whole thing pretty lore friendly.

XCOM guide

PC Gamer were impressed by my FTL guide, so they gave me some early code for XCOM and let me puzzle my way through it, resulting in this guide, there’s also a print version in the latest magazine (Christmas 2012).

XCOM, like FTL, is largely about risk management, and that kind of game always prompts me to try and dissect exactly what the best decisions are in each situation. Writing the FTL guide was as much me trying to get those ideas out and organised as it was about providing others with advice. I seem to be near addicted to doing it, so if you need a guide written, give me a call, I’m probably writing one in my head anyway.