Some posts for PCGamesN

Recently I’ve been doing a little bit of work for PCGamesN, the new site by Tim Edwards and James Binns, two of the guys who gave me my start in games journalism. I’ve helped them out a bit behind the scenes, but so far I’ve only got a couple of things live on the site.

Everything we know about Aliens: Colonial Marines – In which I was surprised that the phrase “make sweet love to your oesophagus” managed not be be cut.

The best mods for Napoleon: Total War – In which I learnt that Total War mods are amazing, and also that I always forget whether the ‘Total War’ bit goes at the start or the end.

Gratutious Tank Battles review

A while back I reviewed Positech’s sci-fi WW1 tower defence game for PC Gamer. You can find the review here.

I liked it a lot. In fact that’s the highest score I’ve ever given out as a professional reviewer. The customisation of Gratuitous Space Battles works even better here, because the AI uses your own units against you. You should definitely check it out.

How to survive in FTL

A little while back I read Tom Francis’ excellent compilation of Spelunky tips. I suck at Spelunky, but after reading those, I sucked marginally less, and now I’m going to do the same thing for you, only with FTL.

Like Spelunky, FTL is a simple but brilliant roguelike built around risk/reward calculations. And like Spelunky, following a few simple principles can improve your game a lot. I’ve been playing this game since it was an IGF entry, so I know a thing or two about how to survive in space. So listen up Captains, because it’s a cold, hard universe out there.